Sustainability and our environment

Sustainability and our environment

At Cinderella Eco Group we are concerned with organic, environmentally friendly solutions for handling toilet waste. In a world where water shortages and energy resources affect areas with ever increasing urbanization and population densities, health challenges arise through poor sanitation. This is where Cinderella's incinerating toilets can be an important environmentally conscious alternative.

Norway’s nature inspires us

Sustainability and the environment are key concepts in Cinderella’s technology and our development of new products for new applications. With our ties to the family owned Cinderella Eco Group AS in the beautiful Midsund municipality of Romsdal, we are inspired by the natural beauty of Norway’s magnificent landscape and core values of humanity and global sustainability. Here we actively work to meet nature-loving Norwegians who carefully build cabins and vacation homes in vulnerable areas without access to water and sewage.

Global demand

But it is not only in Norway our toilets are available. In addition to further development of the Nordic market, the establishment of our European office and our North American venture into Canada, we are also keen to discuss global environmental challenges. Therefore, we work with waste solutions that can be adapted to South Africa's dramatic water shortage, the large and often isolated areas of New Zealand and Australia, and solutions for elderly and disabled people in Norwegian homes and abroad.

The annual World Toilet Day on November 19th is an important milestone that we at Cinderella follow keenly. By focusing on the basic human rights to have access to good, safe and healthy sanitation, diseases will be dramatically reduced. Read more about World Toilet Day here.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide strong leadership in key dimensions such as health, water supply and sanitation, innovation and proper consumption, jobs and the conservation of life on land and in water. We are committed to environmentally friendly measures that create good conditions for our environment and the people and animals who live there, with the opportunity to build a economic growth and safe, long-term development.

We do this by ensuring and developing environmentally friendly waste solutions that do not require water and which can be tailored to suit any needs. Incineration technology uses energy sources such as gas or electricity and the result of the process is bacteria free ash that can safely be disposed of, without harming the environment. In this way, we help limit our ecological footprint and provide conservation solutions to areas where water is in extreme shortage.