Cinderella Comfort

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  • Runs on electricity
  • Does not need water
  • Hygienic
  • Odor free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Only ashes remain
  • 3 year warranty


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Cinderella Comfort represents a new concept in incineration toilet systems, raising the Cinderella standard even further. This incineration toilet provides a significantly better indoor climate and approximately the same comfortable experience as you are used to at home. The toilet is based on the market leading Cinderella Classic model, which has been sold to more than 50,000 customers worldwide. The toilet does not require a water supply or drains, and ALL toilet waste is incinerated at high temperatures until only an insignificant quantity of ash remains.

Cinderella Comfort comes with an information display. The display provides continuous information about the use of the toilet and also provides notification when the ash container needs to be emptied. Seven optional languages are available for the information provided by the display.

The model has been designated "Comfort" because it provides a significantly better indoor climate compared to traditional incineration toilets. All air required by the incineration process is supplied from outside the cabin through a separate pipe, while using no air from inside the toilet room, avoiding potential lowering of room temperature and conflicts with other air-dependent installations such as kitchen ventilation fans, fireplaces and wood burning stoves, etc. The toilet satisfies current requirements to airtightness of buildings (TEK10) and Canadian norms and certifications and is delivered with a new type of anti-bacterial toilet seat as standard. Cinderella Comfort is our most efficient and hygienic incineration toilet! 


Included with the toilet:

 User manual
 Installation manual
 500 bowl liners
 External vent cover
 2 pcs wall penetration conduits
 Chimney cap