Why choose a Cinderella toilet over other incinerating toilets?

No other incineration toilet model looks more like a standard toilet and is as comfortable as the Cinderella. It is renowned for its sustainable and environmentally-friendly design and performance, with no polluting emissions. With its clean lines and high-quality finish, Cinderella makes a favorable impression in any bath or toilet room, regardless of standard. 

Cinderella is the market leader in Europe, having sold over 75 000 units since 1999 and being rewarded as the best in test by Testfakta (test realized by the Research Institute of Sweden). All our toilets are manufactured in Norway to the highest quality and reliability standards.

Why choose an incinerating toilet over a compost toilet?

Cinderella toilets are a much better option than compost toilet when it comes to efficiency, design and hygiene.

  • No waste manipulation: Only ashes remain, no need to transport feces or compost to a dumping station or compost tank.

  • Simpler process: No handle to rotate in order to activate the chemical reaction, like in a compost toilet. No peat moss or coco coir, no enzymes to add.

  • Total sewage solution: One-top-do-it-all! No need to dispose of toilet paper in a separate bin. No need to separate liquid and solid waste. Feminine hygiene products can also be incinerated.

  • Works efficiently in cold weather: Certified down to -40°, as opposed to a compost toilet that needs heat to function properly (about 15 to 18°).

  • Not specifically regulated in the environmental law: Only 2 compost toilet manufacturers have the necessary certification in Quebec (NSF 41) to respect the law. Even if not targeted by the law, Cinderella toilets are NSF-certified (NSF P-157).



Do I need to run water supply lines or drainage?

The Cinderella Incineration Toilet requires no water supply or drainage plumbing to be installed as it is a complete solution all on its own. This means no digging either. 

Can the toilet be used once an incineration process has started?

Yes, the incineration process pauses as soon as the lid is opened. It will resume once the lid is closed and the incineration button is pushed. 

What is the Cinderella toilet’s capacity?

The current Cinderella toilets can handle between 3 to 4 visits per hour. The capacity can be higher if care is taken in the time between uses. 

What should the ash remains look like after proper incineration?

Remaining ashes may look solid. Simply use a wood stick to turn them to dust and dispose of them. Ashes may stick to the ashtray insert. If it happens, empty the ashtray, pour hot water and let it rest for 15 to 30 minutes. Use the brush from the maintenance kit to dissolve the residues. Residues should come off easily after this process. 

Is the remaining ash suitable for as fertilizer?

The ash is completely free of bacteria and contains nutrient salts with potassium and phosphorus. It can be used as fertilizer for plants, disposed in the nature or in the regular household trash.

Even if bacteria-free, we do not recommend using this as fertilizer in a vegetable garden, since it comes from human waste.

Do I have to use a liner for every use?

Yes, the liner is specifically designed for use with the Cinderella models and must be used for proper operation and in order to keep toilet clean. Since the toilet is waterless, odors would arise from the toilet if a liner was not used.

What can be incinerated in the toilet?

The toilet is designed to do nothing but incinerate the bowl liner, urine, human feces, tampons, sanitation pads and toilet paper.

How many incineration cycles can you normally get from one 20 lbs (11 kg) propane tank (standard size BBQ tank)?

You will get an average of 60 to 100 incineration cycles on one 20lb (11kg) propane bottle, depending on the liquid-to-solid ratio. 

What power supply is necessary for the electric model (Comfort)?

The Comfort model is powered by a 220 – 240 V. 10A supply. If you do not have access to this type of supply call an electrician to run this power to your bathroom, or consult with a professional and buy a power converter that meets the required specifications of the toilet.

Will the toilet indicate that the propane tank is empty?

No, the toilet will not indicate specifically about the empty propane tank, but the yellow light will flash and the display on the toilet will read “Error Burner System”. You will also notice that it will fail to incinerate the waste properly. 

What is the recommended size of solar panel and battery package for powering a Cinderella gas toilet?

The gas model needs a battery for the fan and the LCD display. The recommended minimum size is a 100-watt solar panel and 100 amp/hour battery. We recommend that you should contact a professional for your customized needs.

Could the comfort model’s ventilation system experience condensation in colder climates?

The enclosed ventilation system is designed in a way that could experience condensation when the outside temperature is significantly lower than the air inside the room. It is therefore crucial to ensure proper venting of the room specially in the case where the room is used for bathing, showering etc. Exhaust fan will only conflict with Gas models, as the Comfort is a two-pipe system and will not be affected by exhaust fans. We recommend the Comfort model for colder climate areas.

How much electricity do the Comfort (electric) model consume per incineration?

The electric models consume between 0.8 and 2kWh per use. In our experience and in house testing we have found that the electric models use an average of 1kWh per use.

In Quebec, depending on the tiered pricing and the consumption bracket, it will cost between 0,04$ and 0,18$ per flush (1-hour incineration cycle). As a comparison, a 1-hour dishwasher cycle will cost 0,30$.

Can you operate the toilet in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius?

The toilet is certified to work down to -40° C, even the electrical components.

What is the procedure when you have lots of house guests?

It is highly recommended to “preheat” your Cinderella Incineration Toilet. To do this, all you have to do is lift the lid, close the lid and press the incineration button. This will start a dry incineration cycle and will bring the unit up to temperature. This will ensure the toilet is up to temperature to use it for multiple guests per hour. If you anticipate peak-period usage, make sure to empty the ashtray before such peak period to create more room in the ashtray.

What is the warranty on the product?

Cinderella products are covered by a 3-years warranty starting on the buying date. 

Where can I buy additional bowl liners?

There are currently no physical distribution centers. Simply order through our website or by contacting us and we will hook you up with the necessary accessories.

Is the toilet noisy?

During an incineration cycle, you will hear little noise (51 dB) produced by the fan, which is considered normal ambient sound. Behind a closed door, you will not even notice the noise.



Where and how to obtain service?

At Incineration Toilet, we are constantly working on improving our service providing network. Should you require service, give us a call and we will direct you and assist you with the troubleshooting.  Service manuals are also available on our website. 

Do you have a showroom to see the toilet in person?

No. At the moment, our business in mainly conducted through internet and trade shows. We have 1 Comfort installed as our main toilet in our ready-to-camp shop in St-Nicolas (Biome Canada). If you have serious interest, we can come and show you our demonstration toilet, or you can contact us and stop by our shop to see our installed toilet. 

Do you have a dealer network and or service partner set up in the USA?

At this time, any order submitted from the USA will be shipped from our warehouse in Canada. Shipping costs will be quoted on an individual basis when ordering. There is not currently a servicing dealer in the USA. We will provide technical support via phone and email support. For American customers, please contact us first, so we can guide you through the buying process in a simpler and more efficient way.



How much does the shipping cost?

We do not maintain stock locally and we ship directly from Cinderella Canada warehouse in Toronto. Shipping policy states a 250.00 $ CAD flat rate per order (toilet order) anywhere in Canada. When buying accessories, shipping fees will be quoted and will vary depending on the size and weight of the boxes. 

Shipping fees are waived with orders of 9+ toilets.

USA customers will have their order quoted on an individual basis when ordering. 

Do you ship anywhere in Canada?

Yes, anywhere at a flat rate of 250.00 $ CAD per order (toilet order). When only buying accessories, shipping fees will be quoted and will vary depending on the size and weight of the boxes. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive once the order has been submitted?

Shipping times can vary depending on the end destination. They average between one and three weeks.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, and across North America. Non-Canadian customers will have their order quoted on an individual basis when ordering.



Do you need to empty the ashtray after each use?

No. After 100 uses, the LCD display will let you know that it is time to empty the ashtray. After 130 uses, you will not be able to use the toilet (the flush will not work). You can empty it more frequently to prevent volume problems if your use of the toilet is over the recommended 3-4 visits per hour. Even when taking the necessary precautions for high-volume usage, never use one toilet more than 6 times in an hour to prevent overflow and damages.

What kind of regular maintenance must be done?

When emptying the ashtray (recommended once a week by the manufacturer), dispose of ashes, pour hot water in the ashtray and wait 15 to 30 minutes. Use the brush from the maintenance kit to remove all ashes remains that could have stuck to the ashtray insert. Put the ashtray back in position, open the lid and push Start (flush) for 3 seconds. The toilet will get in cleaning position and the trap will stay open. Pour 1L of water in the toilet and no bowl liner or toilet paper. Close the lid, flush the toilet to start an incineration cycle and let the vapor clean up the inside of the toilet and the catalyzer. 

What happens if you forget to use a bowl liner and how do you clean the toilet?

Since the toilet is entirely waterless, bowl liners are used to keep a high hygiene level. If someone forgets to use a bowl liner, you can just wash the inside of the toilet with a mix of water and soft soap. You can also use cleaning products, as long as they have no chlorine or bleach and are not flammable. These products could damage the toilet. 

Does the Cinderella toilet require any annual maintenance?

The toilet owner is required to perform both regular and annual maintenance in accordance with the instructions given in the user manual. You can find required manuals and 3D animations on our website. Once a year, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the catalyzer and sweeping the ventilation system. The manual takes you step by step through these cleaning procedures, which do not require a lot of time and are easy to do.

When should you unplug the toilet before you leave the location of the toilet long term?

The toilet can be unplugged once the incineration process has finished but in order to extend the life of the battery (main purpose is for power outages), it is best to wait till the cool down process is also completed, and the yellow light has turned off.



Do you provide installation services?

As of today, Incineration Toilet does not provide installation services. We are located near Quebec City and charging our travel expenses and hourly rates would rarely be the best solution for our customers. Any local handyman or carpenter can easily install these toilets within hours. In addition, the installation guide provided with the toilet and the installation videos available on the website make installation even easier. An electrician may be required to ensure you have access to 220-240 volts in the room where the toilet will be (for the Comfort electric model only). A certified propane installer is required by law to make the connections and ensure the tightness of the system for the gas model. 

Is the installation complicated?

No, any local handyman or carpenter can easily install these toilets within hours. In addition, the installation guide provided with the toilet and the installation videos available on the website make installation even easier. An electrician may be required to ensure you have access to 220-240 volts in the room where the toilet will be (for the Comfort electric model only). A certified propane installer is required by law to make the connections and ensure the tightness of the system for the gas model.

Can you install a toilet in a residential basement to avoid usual plumbing?

In certain situations, this is a feasible solution. However, you have to respect the ventilation system restrictions. The length of the air inlet pipe of the electric model can be of a maximum of 8 feet. You may have to put the toilet on a small stand, if you do not have enough clearance at the floor level allowing you to exit the inlet pipe while respecting the length constraint. Maximum length of air outlet pipe is 18 feet, 15 is elbows or bends are used in the installation.  Considering that the chimney must protrude from the roof by 2 feet and to respect the length/height constraints, this solution is not possible in a 2-storey house basement and will not be possible in all 1-storey house basement.

Can more bends be used in the vent pipe than what is described in the instruction manual?

No, with the electric model (Comfort), you cannot use more than two bends/elbows in the vent pipe as described in the instruction manual. Too many bends will cause great restriction in the airflow and cause the system to break down. 

With the gas model, you cannot have ANY more bends than the 1 bend that comes in the ventilation installation kit.

Can we take inlet air from inside the cabin / cottage?

No, only fresh air from outside shall be used to supply either directly to the Comfort Cinderella or indirectly via a fresh air intake located as close as possible to the toilet.

Can the toilet models available in Canada be installed in a RV?

No, the current models available in Canada are not certified for use in a RV. Cinderella has a new model called, Cinderella Motion that is specifically designed for RV. It will be approved for use in Canada within the next year or two. It should be noted that the current available models are a perfect fit for Tiny homes as they do not have the same requirements as an RV.



Does the Cinderella toilet have all the certifications to meet Canadian code and safety standards?

Cinderella Incineration Toilets are designed with the highest quality materials to meet the highest standards and reliability. Our toilets meet both national and international certifications and regulatory demands. Visit Cinderella’s website for information on international certifications.

The Underwriters Laboratories UL mark applies to products that have been designed and approved for the US and Canadian markets and have received specific Underwriters Laboratories certification that they comply with the respective US and Canadian standards.


Standard for Residential Incinerators


Standard for Residential Incinerators

CSA 5.2-1971 (R2019) 

Gas-Fired Waterless Toilets

CSA C22.2 No. 64-10 (R2014)

Household Cooking and Liquid-Heating Appliances, Includes Update No. 1 (2013), Update No. 2 (2016)

NSF accredited third-party certification provides all stakeholders – industry, regulators, users and the general public – assurance that a certified product, material, component or service complies with the technical requirements of the referenced standard. 

NSF P157

Electrical Incinerating Toilets - Health and Sanitization in US.

Does the Cinderella toilet respect regulations for wastewater disposal?

Our expertise and knowledge only cover Quebec’s regulations. If you are from somewhere else, make sure to learn and understand your local regulations.

Cinderella’s primary users are in cottages, cabins and other remote installations. Therefore, the law that applies is Chapter Q-2, r.22 of the environmental law: Regulation respecting wastewater disposal systems for isolated dwellings. Since incineration toilets have no running water or connection to a sewage system, they do not produce grey waters and are not targeted or mentioned in the law (compared to compost toilets, which are specifically targeted in the law).

However, this law states that if you have pressure-water and produce grey waters from showers, kitchen sinks or such appliances, you still need a septic installation. Having an incineration toilet will greatly reduce the amount of grey water you produce, and no solids should end up in your septic tank. For more specific information on the law and the possibility of replacing a septic installation with an incinerating toilet, talk to your city’s administration, as cities enforce the provincial law.