About Incineration Toilets

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An incineration toilet is a water-free toilet where biowaste products are burned at high temperatures to a minimum amount of ash, resulting in a teacup for four people after one week’s use. The waste is safely incinerated in a closed incineration chamber, and the pollution-free gases from the incineration process are discharged through a separate exhaust pipe.

Incinerating toilets are a total waste solution, which means they get rid of all the waste. There are no additional processes or messy emptying routines, such as other toilet systems require. The solution is odorless and hygienic. The bacteria-free ash is completely free of all pathogens and can be emptied in the household waste.

Incineration toilets are a popular toilet alternative since they don’t require water or expensive sewage hook-ups. With an incineration toilet it’s possible to achieve almost the same toilet comfort as home, without the considerable costs associated with sewage systems.

Cinderella Incineration Toilets are the market leader in Europe and have been produced since 1999. All our toilets are manufactured in Norway to the highest quality and reliability standards. Our products are certified and approved according to current regulatory demands in each country we operate, which is a security for all our customers.


No waste handling, only an insignificant quantity of ash to be emptied Electric and propane models available
Requires little space Secure for children
Easy installation
High capacity
3-4 visits per hour
Water connection not required No odor
For cabins and leisure homes No frost protection needed


Incineration toilets constitute a total waste solution, in that it gets rid of ALL the waste and does not just require the waste to be transported elsewhere the way other toilets do. The waste solution is odorless and hygienic. Incineration toilets are a popular alternative for toilet installations in cabins and vacation homes, since the solution does not require the installation of a water supply or a costly drainage solution.

People often face major costs and strict regulations when installing sanitary solutions. In remote areas, running water, drains and electricity are still difficult to access, but an incineration toilet makes it possible to achieve approximately the same level of comfort enjoyed at home, without major costs and installation work for water and plumbing. Incineration toilets require little space and are simple to install, resulting in significant savings on the total installation cost.


  • Manufactured in Norway, Cinderella incineration toilets is the market leader, having sold more than 75,000 units in the Nordic countries since 1999.
  • Cinderella toilets are of high quality, very reliable in operation and function well in any environment.
  • Cinderella incorporates software functions that adapt and optimise the incineration process according to the amount of waste being processed, with efficient utilization of energy.
  • Cinderella's capacity is higher than that of other incineration toilets, and it is the only product that will notify you when it is time to empty the ash container.
  • Cinderella is the only incineration toilet that is both child proof and approved by NEMKO (Norwegian Certification Agency), and it is impossible to access the incineration chamber while it is processing.
  • With its clean lines and high quality finish, Cinderella makes a for a favorable impression in any bathroom or toilet space, regardless of standard.
  • Cinderella does not pollute the external environment, and therefore will not require any form of approval in connection with installation in vulnerable areas.
  • The energy consultancy group Norsk Energi has tested Cinderella, and concluded that the emissions are low.