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Total Package for Comfort Model Without Roof Feed-Through Installation (Standard)

For a complete installation, you need the ventilation packages as well as the toilet. You will get the toilet box with all its usual content and the ventilation kit box (without roof feed-through) with all its usual content. With this recommended package, you will also get the maintenance kit, a must to ensure smooth operation and durability of your Cinderella toilet. Lastly, we also suggest the footrest for optimal positioning, as the toilet is slightly higher than a standard toilet, an additional box of bowl liners to avoid further shipping fees when ordering liners only and the plastic bag holder.

Cinderella Comfort

  • Runs on electricity
  • Does not need water
  • Hygienic
  • Odor free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Only ashes remain
  • 3 year warranty

Included in the toilet box:

    User manual
    Installation manual
 500 bowl liners
   External vent cover
2 pcs wall penetration conduits
  Chimney cap

For complete information and brochures about the Comfort model, please refer to this link: Cinderella Comfort

Ventilation Kit 

Installation kit consisting of pipes and clamps, for a complete installation in combination with the parts included with your Cinderella Incineration Toilet. For installations of the electric models that do not require the ventilation pipe to be fed through a roof or a roof protrusion. 

Included in the ventilation kit box:

 3 pipe clamps for wall mounting (may be cut to size)

4 x 1m pipes with fixed socket and sleeves included

Maintenance Kit 

Maintenance kit for easy cleaning and maintenance of your Cinderella incineration toilet. The kit contains everything you need for the recommended annual maintenance of your Cinderella incineration toilet

Included in the maintenance kit box:

 Exhaust brush


 Cleaning set


Additional Accessories

 Plastic bag holder


 500 bowl liners